Financing your Training


Financing your Training

Upright Education and the Community College of Vermont offer a variety of resources to finance or reduce the cost of your training. In some cases, additional grant opportunities that are not listed below may be available. Our team is here to help determine what financing options are right for you. Ask your admissions advisor if there are additional resources that you may be eligible for. 

Upright Scholarships 

A maximum of one scholarship may be used per person, per program. Some finance methods may not be available to use in combination with scholarships. 

Impact Scholarship 

The Impact Scholarship is our commitment to diversifying the tech industry by lowering the financial barrier of entry to students affected by systemic barriers and widespread injustice. Upright Education believes that by providing this scholarship to BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and woman identifying students, we can empower the future faces of tech, in turn demanding a more diverse and inclusive industry. If you believe that you qualify for the Impact Scholarship, inform your admissions advisor at any point during the application and enrollment process.  

Maximum Award

Ignition Programs: $500 

Career Bootcamps: $1,000

Pathways Scholarship

Participants who successfully complete a part-time Career Ignition program receive a $4,000 scholarship that can be applied towards a Career Bootcamp of the same subject. Our goal with this opportunity is for students to establish solid foundations in the part-time program in order to maximize their success in the full-time bootcamp, and ultimately be better prepared to enter a new career in technology. 

Maximum award: $4,000

Financing Options

Loans with Ascent to finance your training. Each program allows you to receive a credit decision within minutes of applying. Visit the links below to determine your eligibility.   


Income Share Agreement (ISA)

The income share agreement lets you attend a career bootcamp and begin paying only after you get a job that meets the minimum income requirements. When you enter into the income share agreement, you will never pay more than the cost specified in your ISA program, plus the down payment. Ask your admissions advisor about how you can enroll into an ISA program and begin your application. 


Ask your admissions advisor about how to apply to available grant opportunities. 

VSAC Advancement Grant

For Vermont Residents enrolled or planning to enroll in a non-degree course or training program that will enhance job skills to improve your ability to get a job or that gives you an introduction to college courses. 

Maximum Award

Ignition Programs: $3,000
Career Bootcamps: $7,500

The Curtis Fund Scholarship

For low-income Vermonters. The ongoing mission of The Curtis Fund is to provide educational scholarships to Vermont students pursuing a postsecondary education. Financial aid is granted to Vermont students no matter their career goals.

Maximum Award: $1,500